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Glitter Band

It's the year 1974th
On advise of John Rossall, was the former backing band
even record from Gary Glitter into the studio to own title.
This gamble paid off!
The very first single, Angel Face 'was a success
and landed in the top ten.
Most of the songs written Gerry Shephard and John Springate,
which also shared the lead vocals.
Published she had in the three years of its height point 4 LP's.
Hits like - Angel Face, Let's get ... Just for you or Poeple like you, among other things
will never be forgotten.
The Glitter Band were next to Sweet, Kenny, Mud and Barry Blue
one of the few representatives of Glam Rock and Glitter Sounds,
also called Drumbeat.
In the 80s they released sporadically, even new songs
and were observed occasionally in common with Gary Glitter.
By the end of the 90s they were very often seen in Oldie Nights.
John Springate is still active and lives in Port Talbot / Wales.
From time to time new CD's, which is linked to the music of their time to appear.
The CD's can be ordered via his website.
Gerry Shephard died on May 6, 2003
the follow of cancer at the age of 52 years.
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